For Brands

To influence performance on online retail platforms, we believe brands need to focus on four pillars; their digital shelf at retailers, retail media performance, data & retail insights and creative conceps between brands and retailers. At UNFOLDR we help brands to accelerate within these four pillars to achieve digital retail excellence.

Our Brand Services

Digital Trade Marketing

Retailers generate a lot of valuable customer data that can be used in your digital trade collaborations. Incorporating retailers’ data, we develop highly effective digital trade marketing strategies that use retailers’ entire digital ecosystem to boost your brand’s performance. Digital is changing traditional trade marketing. We help you understand and seize the opportunity that lies in this transition. 

Digital Shelf

Having the right content at retailer platforms is an important part of achieving digital retail excellence. Our e-merchandisers help to organize, distribute & optimize your product content at all your retailers. We work with different product management technology providers and set ups.


Retail insights & Data science

Understanding how your investments and efforts at online retailers perform is essential for smarter decision making. How is your product performing within the product category and what is the added value of your media campaigns? By gathering the right data, creating performance dashboards or attribution models we help to make the right decisions and drive better results.


Retail Media

Retailers are in the unique position to interact with their customers end to end. By using retailers’ digital channels, e-com platforms and customer data brands have the ability to create relevant interactions with their customers. From awareness to performance focused campaigns. We help you navigate the retail media landscape and reach your potential customers at the most vital moments in the customer journey.