For Retailers

Retailers have a huge opportunity to help brands achieve their sales and marketing goals by using their own platforms, channels and data. That’s where UNFOLDR comes in. We develop, run, and change monetization programs, setting the stage for fruitful collaborations between retailers and brands.

Our Retailer Services

Digital Trade Marketing

Trade marketing is changing and digital bring new ways to collaborate with your brands. Your platform, digital channels and data are key in the transition to digital trade marketing. We help to set up and run digital trade marketing programs and strategies. We also train and support account managers, trade marketeers or category managers in setting up digital trade marketing collaborations with brands.

Digital Shelf

When it comes to successfully selling online, having the right content and product information is key. But more often than not, brand content and product information is missing or not displayed optimal in the retailer’s webshop. To improve this, UNFOLDR developed digital shelf solutions where we help retailers and brands to create a digital shelf with complete brand content and product information.

On Site Monetization

Retailers are not just selling products online, they can also sell inventory, acting as publishers. Retailers are in the unique point of sale position for brands. That makes retailers unique and attractive for brands to promote their brands and products. In order to be attractive for brands, you need the right technology, skills and capabilities. We help set up and run on site monetization programs.  

Off Site Monetization

Your entire digital ecosystem can be employed to target consumers across the board. Using your first-party data, you have the ability to target consumers with highly relevant content in a way that your suppliers are only dreaming of. We apply our extensive knowledge of digital media channels within retail marketing to monetize your digital channels.

Data & Audience Monetization

When retailers and brands share their insights, many opportunities can be unlocked. Add to cart data, intent data and purchasing behavior can all be used to generate highly specific audiences which can be (re-)targeted. We help you set up a data sharing model that will benefit both you and your suppliers, while creating more relevant campaigns for shoppers at the same time.