Connecting Brands & Retailers

Reinvent your digital retail marketing

UNFOLDR connects retailers and brands by creating digital retail solutions that benefit both parties and the consumer. Focussing on digital shelf, retail media and data & insights to create digital retail excellence.

This is what we do

For Retailers

Retailers have a huge opportunity to monetize their platform, channels and data, while helping brands to achieve their sales and marketing goals. That’s where UNFOLDR comes in. We develop, run, and change monetization programs, setting the stage for fruitful collaborations between retailers and brands.

For Retailers

For Brands

In order to influence performance on retail platforms, we believe brands need to focus on four pillars; their digital shelf at retailers, retail media performance, retail  data & insights and creative concepts between brands and retailers. At UNFOLDR we help brands to accelerate within these four pillars to achieve digital retail excellence.

For Brands

Our mission

Connecting brands and retailers

By using our digital background and expertise in retail and technology, we aim to unlock the full potential of online retail by creating successful digital collaborations between brands and retailers. We believe the key to digital retail excellence is driven by technology & data.

Our Approach

We work Together

At UNFOLDR we work with our clients, not for them. We become part of the team and provide transparent guidance every step of the way.
We connect retailers and brands within digital retail marketing.

Our Culture

We share

At UNFOLDR we like to share. We share our thoughts, opinions and everything we’ve learned from years of experience in digital marketing & retail. Our most important goal is to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders; retailers, brands and consumers.


We breathe digital

At UNFOLDR we all have a digital background and love everything digital. We bring our digital background and expertise to the table to build successful collaborations between retailers and brands.